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And he's got a solution to pollution.

As Jackson flies over a tropical island only to find it scattered with washed-up litter, Jackson knows he has to do something. He rallies the island's animals and sea creatures and embarks on an epic cleaning quest. After all, we all have a role in Jackson’s solution to pollution.

“A beautiful story in every sense,” Russell Brand


“Wow! Jackson Superhero is back. A thought provoking, action packed adventure full of compassion and some much needed hope,” Tim Hopgood, author of Wow! Said The Owl


"Young readers will be charmed as Jackson recruits friends from land and sea to help him clear up the mess left by humans," Faye Barker, ITN News. 

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October 20, 2018

Thanks to Kirstyes for another great review

October 17, 2018

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Still coming in Q4 2018:

Eva - A Christmas Ghost Story by Kevin McKenzie

Coming in 2019:

The Dog, the Crab and the Man Who Lost His Hair by Alan Emmins

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