JACKSON SUPERHERO - JACKSON SAVES AN OWL by Darren Garwood and Carl Osborne

Paperback ships early September

Dad publishes book to fund care for terminally ill son

Jackson Superhero might not be a real name, but it is a story about a real boy, and as the name suggests, Jackson is far from ordinary. By day, a rare disease limits his ability to freely move, but at night he is far from grounded. When the sleeping hours come around, and weightlessness takes over, Jackson takes to the skies. He knows what it means to need the support of others, which is why when he hears a call for help, he is quickly there to lend a hand.

From birth, the real Jackson was like every other child. He passed all the regular milestones like talking, eating by himself and generally enjoying life. But just after his first birthday, Jackson started to lose key skills. This is when he was diagnosed with Krabbe disease and wasn’t expected to live beyond the age of two.

By mustering all his strength, and with a lot of love from his mum and dad, Jackson is still doing well at age three. But as awesome as he is, Jackson does need some help from science. Our aim with this book is to raise enough money for a Cough Assist Machine, which will help Jackson remove fluid that has accidentally seeped into his lungs and enable Jackson to better enjoy his time with friends and family. 

The book, Jackson Saves an Owl, is the first in a series of Jackson Superhero books. The stories were developed by Jackson’s dad, Darren Garwood, and have been told to Jackson again and again to help get him off to sleep.

We believe this fantastic story of a young boy going above and beyond will bring inspiration to parents and children who, for one reason or another, have to muster their superpowers on a daily basis. This book is for those who have to push back against daily challenges, for whom comfort and happiness requires extra patience, strength and love. Just as importantly, it’s for those who rely on the support and inspiration of others. 

"Jackson, who becomes a secret superhero at night, flies off to rescue an owl in jeopardy. This happy and uplifting tale is written in lively rhyme and humorously illustrated, and is a lovely book to share,” Claire Freedman, Author of Aliens Love Underpants

“A beautiful and touching book full of warmth, compassion and adventure.  We could use a little Jackson Superhero inside all of us," Thomas Docherty, illustrator of The Knight Who Wouldn't Fight

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