Jackson Saves an Owl

Jackson is a boy with special powers,
but he doesn’t show them off in the daylight hours

When it is dark, Jackson lies half awake,

dreaming of adventurous journeys he’ll take.

Then in the distance, from out of the blue,
he hears a strange noise – there’s only one thing to do!


He flies out the window as fast as a rocket,

with flames coming from his socks and out of his pockets.

He flies over trees and over blocks of flats,
and waves to his friends, the local stray cats (meeeaaaooow).

Over parks and through the fair,
into the zoo, and “Hello bear!”


But there is that squawk again, or was it a yelp?
"Sorry bear, can’t stop, someone really needs help." 

That’s when Jackson spots an owl in trouble,
“Twit twooo,” said the owl. “’I’m stuck in this puddle.”

“When I am wet I can no longer fly,
I can’t get off the ground no matter how hard I try.”

“It’s okay, little owl,” Jackson replies, “I’ll help you out.
Get you nice and dry so you can fly all about."

Then he reaches into the puddle and pulls out the plug.

Jackson dries out the owl with a lovely big hug,

“Now you are safe, little owl, you are now out of trouble,
as that drop of water is no longer a puddle.”

Off flies the owl, “Thanks for your help, twit twooooo.”
“What would I have done, if it wasn’t for yoouuuuuu?”

“That’s okay, little owl, you are my friend.
For you, I’ll always have a favour to lend.”

The sun starts to rise, quick, Jackson flies home,
before he wakes up in his bed all alone.

Mum and dad open his door and turn on the light.
"Good morning, big boy, did you really sleep tight?"

Jackson is laughing inside, if only they knew
of all the superhero things he can do.

And then in the distance, from out of the blue,

he hears his friend, the owl, singing, "twit twooooo."