Jackson's Solution to Pollution, Jackson Saves an Owl AND Colouring Book


Get the first two books in the Jackson Superhero series plus a Jackson Superhero colouring book for just £16.99.

Jackson's Solution to Pollution


As Jackson flies over a tropical island only to find it scattered with washed-up litter, Jackson knows he has to do something. He rallies the island's animals and sea creatures and embarks on an epic cleaning quest. After all, we all have a role in Jackson’s solution to pollution.


Jackson Saves an Owl


By day, a rare disease limits Jackson's ability to move freely, but at night he is far from grounded. When the sleeping hours come around, and weightlessness takes over, Jackson takes to the skies. He knows what it means to need the support of others, which is why when he hears a call for help, he is quickly there to lend a hand.


IMPORTANT: All pre-orders will come with a limited edition Jackson Superhero poster and will be delivered in the first week of October